Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is the Energy Container offshore approved?
A. Yes, each component of the Energy Container is made of offshore approved materials to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Q. Do you deliver abroad?
A. Yes, Amphibious Energy delivers worldwide.

Q. Does the Energy Container only come with a 3kW generator?
A. No, the Energy Container can also be delivered with a 5kW or 10kW generator.

Q. How much energy does one container generate?
A. This depends on the amount of wind at any given time. The minimum amount of energy generated by the 3kW generator is 3500 kWh in the Southern North Sea environment, which delivers 280W minimum. It also depends on the amount of batteries you have in the Energy Container to store the energy produced during peak wind times.

Q. How can we place an order?
A. Please contact us directly for more information on purchasing an Energy Container.

Q. How much does an Energy Container cost?
A. Please contact us directly for more information on costs.