Amphibious Energy originated with the aim of delivering renewable and transportable energy to offshore as well as onshore environments. It is where the word ‘Amphibious’ comes from.
— W. v.d. Merwe, Managing Director —


The Company

Amphibious Energy is a private Dutch company with a strong financial backing. The company was founded early 2017 with a focus on providing renewable energy to the Oil and Gas Industry.

The recent Oil and Gas industry downturn has forced the industry to be far more cost effective in their daily operations offshore as well as onshore. In addition, the industry has been under pressure due to the environmental impact of oil and gas production can have. These challenges call for new technologies which can help the industry in not only cutting their costs, but also be more environmentally friendly.
Amphibious Energy has proven to meet these challenges by developing an Energy Container which is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. As part of this development, Amphibious Energy has modified Ventus Nautilus' specialized wind turbine, so it can be used specifically for the offshore environment. 

The first proto-type Energy Containers are currently in use by Wintershall in the Southern North Sea.




Amphibious Energy Willem van der Merwe

Dr. Willem van der Merwe - Managing Director

Willem holds a PhD in Deepwater Geology, and has more than 15 years of work experience in both academics and the Petroleum Industry. He has worked in South Africa, the USA, and the UK, and currently resides in the Netherlands.

Willem co-founded Amphibious Energy with a key focus to merge renewable energy technologies with the Oil and Gas sector.

Ampbious Energy George Nadorp

George Nadorp - Managing Director

Educated as an economist, George has over 13 years experience as a consultant in finance, the public sector and the sports industry. In 2010 he made a switch to renewable energy, and in 2013 co-founded Ventus Nautilus that developed the patented compact wind turbine.

George co-founded Amphibious Energy with a key focus to utilise the patented wind turbine in the Oil and Gas sector.